Precambrian Paliella and ichnofossils from White Sea

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Paliella patelliformis Fedonkin 1980 (?)
A big plate with many Paliella and ichnofossil specimens. Paliella is a small cyclic form of Ediacaran (Vendian) organism. Related forms: Cyclomedusa plana Glaessner & Wade, 1966, Medusinites asteroides (Sprigg, 1949) etc. The actual scientific work is (Ivantsov et al., 2015, p. 102).
No repair, no restoration.

Precambrian Paliella and ichnofossils from White Sea

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Trade No. 415039
Replacement Siltstone
Continent Europe
Country Russia
Location Zimniy Bereg (Winter Coast), White Sea, Arkhangelsk oblast
Era Proterozoic
Period Ediacaran
Regional strata Mezen formation (suite), Upper Vendian
Age 558 million years

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