Cretaceous fish and shrimp from Lebanon

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Gaudryella gaudryi Pictet and Humbert 1866; Carpopenaeus septemspinatus Dames, 1886
Gaudryella is an extinct genus of prehistoric bony ray-finned fish. Family: Alepocephalidae; Superfamily: Alepocephaloidei; Order: Argentiniformes; Superorder: Protacanthopterygii; Subdivision: Euteleostei; Division: Teleostei; Subclass: Neopterygii; Class: Actinopterygii; Superclass: Osteichthyes; Glade: Teleostomi; Superclass: Pisces; Infraphylum: Gnathostomata; Subphylum: Vertebrata; Phylum: Chordata. These fishes from the Haqil and Hgula are usually bent back in a curved position. Unformal name is "Clupea" (herring). Carpopenaeus is an extinct genus of prawn. Family: Carpopenaeidae; Suborder: Dendrobranchiata; Order: Decapoda; Class: Malacostraca; Subphylum: Crustacea; Phylum: Arthropoda.
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Cretaceous fish and shrimp from Lebanon

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Trade No. 559004
Replacement Limestone
Continent Asia
Country Lebanon
Location Hgula, Hjoula (municipality), Byblos (old city), Jbeil district, Mount Lebanon governorate
Era Mesozoic
Period Cretaceous
Stage Cenomanian
Age 95 million years

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